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The Very Best of Nina Simone (2006)

Nina Simone was born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina, one of eight children. Like a number of other African-American singers, she was inspired as a child by Marian Anderson and began singing at her local church, also showing prodigious talent as a pianist. Her public debut, a piano recital, was made at the age of ten. Her parents, who had taken seats in the front row, were forced to move to the back of the hall to make way for some white people.

Simone's mother, Mary Kate Waymon (who lived into her late 90s) was a strict Methodist minister; her father, John Divine Waymon, was a handyman and sometime barber who suffered bouts of ill-health. Mrs. Waymon worked as a maid and her employer, hearing of Nina's talent, provided funds for piano lessons for the little girl. Subsequently, a local fund was set up to assist in Eunice's continued education.

At seventeen, Simone moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she taught piano and accompanied singers. She was able to begin studying piano at New York City's prestigious Juilliard School of Music but lack of funds meant that she was unable to fulfill her dream of becoming America's first Black classical pianist. She later had an interview to study piano at the Curtis Institute, but was rejected. Simone believed this rejection, which fuelled her hatred of racism, was because she was black. Read more ...


  • Folder icon Nina Simone - The Very Best of Nina Simone [Mp3-160-2006]
    • Icon for sound filetype 01 - Ain't Got No, I Got Life
    • Icon for sound filetype 02 - My Baby Just Cares For Me
    • Icon for sound filetype 03 - Feeling Good
    • Icon for sound filetype 04 - I Put A Spell On You
    • Icon for sound filetype 05 - I Loves You Porgy
    • Icon for sound filetype 06 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    • Icon for sound filetype 07 - The Look Of Love
    • Icon for sound filetype 08 - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
    • Icon for sound filetype 09 - I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
    • Icon for sound filetype 10 - Do I Move You
    • Icon for sound filetype 11 - Do What You Gotta Do
    • Icon for sound filetype 12 - To Be Young, Gifted and Black
    • Icon for sound filetype 13 - Since I Fell For You
    • Icon for sound filetype 14 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
    • Icon for sound filetype 15 - I Think It's Going To Rain Today
    • Icon for sound filetype 16 - Sinnerman
    • Icon for sound filetype 17 - Times They Are A Changin'
    • Icon for sound filetype 18 - Mr Bojangles
    • Icon for sound filetype 19 - Here Comes The Sun
    • Icon for sound filetype 20 - To Love Somebody
    • Icon for sound filetype 21 - Ain't Got No, I Got Life (Nina Simone V Groovefinder Remix)
    • Icon for image filetype Cover - front.jpg

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Masterclass with Werner Herzog

During the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) 2007, Maziar Bahari, Paul Fierlinger and Werner Herzog gave a masterclass about their field in documentary.

Werner Herzog talked for two hours with Peter Wintonick and the audience about his work.

Watch it here ...

For realmedia see ... Conversation: Werner Herzog

Steal This Film II

The League of Noble Peers are delighted, after more than a year, to release Part II of STEAL THIS FILM. In this film, we have tried to go beyond the current discussions around file-sharing to look at what kinds of social change are precipitated by massive changes in our capacity to communicate. We think the changes wrought by networked, peer distribution are historical on the scale of the printing press and here we try to explain why.

For many of you these argument will be familiar. These are strange times, in which to many of us the battle already seems to have been won. And yet we have to accept that all the time harsh laws are being enacted, lawsuits levied against innocent people, arrests made - all intended to destroy or delay what is an inevitable change in how we look at creative work. We hope STEAL THIS FILM II can be useful in bringing new people into the legions of those prepared to think creatively about the future of distribution, production and creativity.

It has been an exciting and demanding year for us and we really hope you will enjoy the work we have done. It would not have been possible without the the thousands of donations you have given us.

Thank you.
The League Of Noble Peers
December 2007

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Paolo Conte - The Best Of (1998)

L'avvocato col vizio del jazz

Paolo Conte (born 6 January 1937) is a craggy-voiced italian singer, pianist and composer. He both writes and performs his own material and his grainy, resonant voice redolent of Francophone singers like Jacques Brel adds a certain charm to his wistful, sometimes melancholic lyrics. His performing career began as a vibraphone player in local and touring bands. He began songwriting with his brother Giorgio Conte early on and eventually began writing songs of his own. read more ...


01. Elisir
02. Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz
03. Via Con Me
04. Boogie
05. Sparring Partner
06. Come Di
07. Azzurro
08. Gelato Al Limon
09. Happy Feet
10. Gli Impermeabili
11. Max
12. Gong-Oh
13. Colleghi Trascurati
14. Bartali
15. Alle Prese Con Una Verde Milonga
16. Dragon
17. Hemingway
18. Ho Ballato Di Tutto
19. Quadrille
20. Genova Per Noi

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Youp van 't Hek - Oeuvre

Youp van 't Hek wordt op 28 februari 1954 in Naarden geboren als Joep (Joseph Jacobus Maria) van 't Hek. Hij is het zevende en daarmee het op een na jongste kind van zijn Amsterdamse ouders. Er is thuis veel aandacht voor muziek. Vader, directeur van een beleggingsmaatschappij, is een groot operaliefhebber, maar ook het vaderlandse cabaret is rijk vertegenwoordigd in zijn platencollectie. Met jongere broertje Tommie, die later bekend zal worden als hockey-international en hockey-coach en die inmiddels een bekend sportverslaggever is, draait Joep deze platen grijs. Zoals zijn broertje ervan droomt hoe een vol voetbalstadion hem onthaalt, zo hoort Joep het applaus voor Wim Sonneveld, Wim Kan en Toon Hermans en hij ziet zichzelf in een volle schouwburg opkomen. Hij schrijft schriften vol met zijn eerste liedjes en conferences, maar als hij van de lagere school af komt, heeft hij een ander toekomstplan: hij wil priester worden.

  • Folder icon Youp van 't Hek
    • Folder icon Disc01
      • Icon for video filetype 1983.Man Vermist.(met Hans van Gelder)
      • Icon for video filetype 1984.Verlopen en Verlaten
    • Folder icon Disc02
      • Icon for video filetype 1985.Tunnel zonder Vluchtstrook.(met Onno Molenkamp)
      • Icon for video filetype 1988.Hond op het IJs
    • Folder icon Disc03
      • Icon for video filetype 1989.Oudejaarsconférence
      • Icon for video filetype 1992.Alles of Nooit
    • Folder icon Disc04
      • Icon for video filetype 1994.Ergens in de Verte
      • Icon for video filetype 1995.Spelen met je Leven
    • Folder icon Disc05
      • Icon for video filetype 1995.Oudejaarsconférence.Het is Liegen of Sterven
      • Icon for video filetype 1997.Scherven
    • Folder icon Disc06
      • Icon for video filetype 1998.De Waker, de Slaper en de Dromer
      • Icon for video filetype 1999.Oudejaarsconférence.Mond vol Tanden
    • Folder icon Disc07
      • Icon for video filetype 2001.De Wereld Draait Door
      • Icon for video filetype 2001.De Wereld Draait Door.Interview
      • Icon for video filetype 2001.De Wereld Draait Door.Rond
    • Folder icon Disc08
      • Icon for video filetype 2002.Oudejaarsconférence.Youp speelt Youp
      • Icon for video filetype 2002.Oudejaarsconférence.Youp speelt Youp.Interview
    • Folder icon Disc09
      • Icon for video filetype 2003.Eerste Decorpresentatie
      • Icon for video filetype 2003.Flappie in Kopspijkers
      • Icon for video filetype 2003.Onthulling Buste
      • Icon for video filetype 2004.Presentatie Kinderboek
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Orkestrepetitie
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Prachtige Paprika's.CD1
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Prachtige Paprika's.CD2
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Prachtige Paprika's.CD3
    • Folder icon Disc10
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Oudejaarsconférence.Het Zelfmoordcommando.Achter de Schermen
      • Icon for video filetype 2005.Oudejaarsconférence.Het Zelfmoordcommando
    • Folder icon Disc11
      • Icon for video filetype 1982.Zonder Twijfel.(met Cabaret NAR)
      • Icon for video filetype 1983.Flappie
      • Icon for video filetype 1984.Boekenbal
      • Icon for video filetype 1987.Elfstedentocht
      • Icon for video filetype 1991.Interview met Sonja
    • Folder icon Disc12
      • Icon for video filetype 1984.Edisongala
      • Icon for video filetype 1985.Gebroken Glas.(Lunchpauzetheater met Onno Molenkamp)
      • Icon for video filetype 1990.De Koning en de Koningin
      • Icon for video filetype 1991.Kinderen voor Kinderen.Alles is te Koop
      • Icon for video filetype 1995.Interview met Sonja
      • Icon for video filetype 1998.De Waker, de Slaper en de Dromer.The Making Of

Youp - Noem iets wat ik niet heb

Youp - Vakantie Jaren '60

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