Saturday, September 29, 2007

Demonoid Shut Down Yes or No?

TorrentFreak reports on September 25, 2007, one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers has allegedly been taken offline by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). Both the tracker and the website have been unresponsive for nearly 24 hours now.

Demonoid Shut Down by the CRIAAs of now it is still unsure what exactly happened, but the popular Dutch news site reports that the CRIA is responsible for the downtime.

TorrentFreak contacted some of the Demonoid administrators, but they are not sure what happened either. It is certainly possible that Demonoid’s Canadian ISP pulled the plug after being pressured by the CRIA. The ISP said before that they would take it down if they would receive complaints.

Right now, the Demonoid server is still pinging, but the ISP could have firewalled the everything after they received some serious legal threats. Deimos, the founder and the head admin of the site is unreachable and has not responded yet. (read more ... TorrentFreak)

But says ...

Demonoid IS NOT DEAD!

p2pnet news | P2P:- Reports to the contrary notwithstanding, Demonoid hasn’t been killed by Canada’s RIAA.

Demonoid down, p2pnet reported yesterday, going on:

The CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association of America), Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi Universal and Sony BMG’s RIAA clown (sorry, clone), is noted more for its failures, which are legion, than its successes, which are few.

However, it may have scored against BitTorrent tracker Demonoid.

We went on to quote Torrentfreak in The Netherlands as the source and today, when you go to, you still get: “The connection has timed out”.

So is this because the CRIA was able to intimidate Demonoid’s ISP?

No, says Demonoid. It’s down, but not out.

“May have” was the operative phrase and, “Ok folks, here it is,” says a chat log with Torrentfreak’s Ernesto, going on:

Demonoid is down. It has been for around 2 day almost. The reason is down is unknown, and is still unknown. It HASNN’T beam RAIDed, shutdown, terminated, deleted, burned, mamed, all thrown under a bridge. There had been speculation as demonoid,com whereabouts, well, the rurmors are false.

The chat goes on to seriously slag Torrentfreak for reporting the CRIA was behind Demonoid’s alleged demise and correctly concludes:

Just for the record, the CRIA (despite the name) does NOT represent Canadian artists, and the Canadian music industry. It is an AMERICAN Association based in Canada to represent the RIAA here.

Actually, guys, it isn’t even American.

The CRIA, RIAA and all the other alphabet Big 4 organised music cartel organisations around the world are run by EMI (Britain), Vivendi Universal (France) and Sony BMG (Japan and Germany), with Warner Music bringing up the rear as the only US label. And even that’s run by a Canadian.

Meanwhile, a lot of people will be relieved to know Demonoid isn’t dead and will be eagerly looking forward to its early return.

So stay tuned.

(Thanks, Rob, torrentfreak and p2pnet)

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