Monday, October 8, 2007

Ashes and Snow (2005)

Gregory Colbert's photographic artworks capture extraordinary moments of contact between man and animal. Gregory Colbert has spent thirteen years filming and photographing elephants, whales, birds, and other animals in such places as India, Burma, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Namibia, Egypt, the island of Dominica, Tonga, and Antarctica. Ashes and Snow, Colbert's lifelong project, is a collaboration with animals in their natural habitat as they interact with human beings. His images attempt to remove the boundaries between humans and other species to re-awaken in us an understanding of our shared animal nature.

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Talk: Gregory Colbert: Gorgeous video from "Ashes and Snow"

About this Talk

In a rare public appearance, photographer Gregory Colbert talks about the creation of his exhibit "Ashes and Snow." Colbert's work, which he calls "a 21st-century bestiary," captures the poetic beauty in our relationship to the animal kingdom. Colbert shows an 8-minute film, from the exhibit, of his epic swim with whales off the coast of the Azores. He then announces his new initiative, the Animal Copyright Foundation, which aims to collect royalties from companies using images of nature in their ad campaigns.

About Gregory Colbert

Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert collaborated with animal species around the world to create "Ashes and Snow," a groundbreaking exhibit of photographs and films that explores humanity's relation to the natural world. Read full bio »

Here’s a part of the Ashes and Snow exhibition at the Nomadic Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo from March 11th through June 24th, 2007.

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