Saturday, November 3, 2007

Paperhouse (1988)

Movies : Drama : DVD Rip : English

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy
Directed by Bernard Rose
Original Music by Stanley Myers, Hans Zimmer

Ben Cross and Glenne Headly star as the parents of troubled 11 year old Anna (Charlotte Burke) in this nightmarish fantasy thriller.

Anna's disturbing adventures begin when a house she sketched on paper eerily comes to life in a recurring dream. Bedridden with a fever, the imaginative and lonely child becomes obsessed with her drawing when she discovers that she can manipulate the course of her dream by adding to the picture.

As Anna deliriously plunges deeper and deeper into her fantasy world, she becomes convinced that her drawings have begun to control and perhaps destroy her life. Her fever escalates, and the thin line between real and imagined blurs until Anna becomes trapped in a terror-filled nightmare, fearful that she won't escape alive.

This is a great movie, you'll love it!

Thanks to aka_pseudonym!

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