Monday, January 14, 2008

Discovery Channel - Munich the Real Assassins (2006)


In September 1972, during the Olympics in Munich and before the eyes of millions of television viewers, 11 Israeli athletes were killed after being taken hostage by a little-known radical Palestinian group called ‘Black September’. It was an event that shocked the world, and the Israeli government wanted revenge. Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, sent elite undercover agents across Europe and the Middle East to hunt down and kill the 11 people they believed were responsible for the Munich massacre.

Steven Spielberg's movie Munich is based on a fictionalized account of these events. Now, for the first time, the programme reveals the real story behind Israel's campaign of revenge and how it spiraled out of control. Featuring the testimony of senior Mossad figures, undercover assassins, eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims, and seen through the eyes of the five elite Israeli agents handpicked to carry out the mission, Munich: The Real Assassins premieres September 5 at 9pm and encores September 6 at midnight, 5am and 10am, and September 12 at 5pm.

Ordered from the top, this crack assassination squad set out from Israel to Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Beirut, Athens, the Swiss Alps and London on an epic two-year mission. Given millions of dollars via a secret Frankfurt bank account, they were handed the list of “The Eleven” – and a license to kill. This film will reveal the daily realities of their lives as assassins, from the dramatic assassinations to the bitter moral dilemmas and brutal failures.

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