Friday, January 11, 2008

Gruppo Sportivo - 10 Mistakes (1977)

Back in 1978 I bought this obscure little import called "Mistakes", with a 45 single inside with 6 more songs on it called "More Mistakes".The album started out with the piano intro from B.B. and the Stingers 'Nutrocker', and then flies into some great female double vocals singing "Mission A Paris". A song I could never get out of my head. It remains to this day 4 minutes of the best pure pop I've heard. But the good stuff didn't end there.The rest of the album is filled some great pop music with some of the funniest lyrics I've ever heard. This band really had a bone-dry since of humour. They also managed to piss off about everybody, from Eric Clapton to Tom Petty with their words. Check out "I shot my manager",their parady of "I shot the sheriff". Funny stuff. You can't go wrong buying '10 Mistakes'. The only gripe I have about this import version is you don't get the full version of their original vinyl album. Instead, you get a later album 'Buddy odor is a gas',which is ok, but nowhere as good as 'Mistakes'. In order to get that full album you also have to buy the import 'Back to 78'. The period between 77-78 was when they were at their creative best. Their later music just doesn't live up to this early stuff. Buy "10 Mistakes" first. This is their best by far. By Patrick Earley Player:

Affectionate parodies of pop music and occasional humorous cultural commentary gave the Dutch new wave band Gruppo Sportivo a cult following in the early 1980s, although much of their material was available only through import sources. Signed to the British division of Epic, the group debuted in 1978 with 10 Mistakes, an album that featured a lineup of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Hans Vandenburg, keyboardist Peter Calicher, bassist Eric Wehrmeyer, drummer Max "Climax" Mollinger, and additional vocalists the Grupettes: Josee Van Iersel and Meike Touw. 10 Mistakes and its follow-up, Back to '78, were produced by R.J. Stips, soon to join venerable fellow Dutch popsters the Nits. Gruppo Sportivo were introduced to American listeners through the 1979 Mistakes compilation, which gathered highlights from those first two albums. 1980's lyric-oriented Copy Copy introduced new bassist Martin Bakker and added a three-piece horn section called the Skamasters, which included tenor saxophonist Laurens de Jonge, baritone saxophonist Jan de Ligt, and trumpeter Edwin Theuerzeit. 1981's Pop! Goes the Brain found Vandenburg adopting an English accent in place of the familiar Dutch; by 1982's Design Moderne, Dick Schulte Nordholt had taken over the bass spot, and the Grupettes had become more of a free-floating addition, with Van Iersel joined by Lies Schilp on this particular outing. Another bassist, Michiel Eilbracht, was employed for 1984's Sombrero Times, and the original Grupettes duo had been restored.

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