Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hollywood Mogul

Own The Studio. Run The Studio. Make The Movies.

Download the Full Game and try it for free!

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There is a place where dreams come true
And the greatest dreamers make millions.
The whole world has always looked to Hollywood.
Now the whole world is looking to you... become the next Hollywood Mogul.

In the ultimate PC strategy game challenge
you'll go inside the dream factory...
and you'll call the shots.

Risk all you have...
for all you could ever want.

Ride it out.
From the first talent contract negotiation
to the last dollar of the worldwide box office gross.

Explore the many strategies
in this sophisticated business simulation.

In the ultimate Hollywood strategy simulation
you are the Dream Factory...

Almost every facet of Hollywood Mogul
can be customized.

Movie Star talent files, source databases,
studio logos, game backgrounds, office images,
and much, much more ...

Add .mp3 music files, movie theme songs ...

Create your own experience!

Release 100 Movies. Or 500 Movies.
Play 10 years. 20 years. 100 Years.
Own the studio. Run the studio. Make the movies.

Download the Full Game and try it for free!

Or visit the site first.

Hollywood Mogul

Strategy / Simulation For Windows®

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