Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sneak Review: Unfinished Sky (2007)

Unfinished Sky

Based on the screenplay by Kees van der Hulst of the multiple (international) award winning ‘box office’ success, the Dutch feature film ‘De Poolse bruid’.

Tameena, a young Afghan refugee, is forced to work in a brothel and is violently raped and beaten up by her employers. She manages to escape and after hours of walking collapses in the yard of an isolated farm, where she hopes to find help. She is found by John, who since his wife died in a mysterious way is living alone shunned by his neighbours in the small-town nearby.

John takes the woman in and cares for her, coaching her back to life. In the weeks that follow Tameena recovers, remaining desperately frightened. John manages to win her trust and though communication is difficult, because they don’t speak each other’s language, they become intimate and dependant on each other.

At the same time they realize that the men that assaulted her will never give her up and are closing in. They appear in the end with the evident intention to murder Tameena and get rid of all the evidence of their assault. But John outsmarts them. They call the police. When the police arrive the police officer in charge turns out to be Tameena’s third violator. It seems all’s lost now, but in the end justice is done and love cries victory.

Peter Duncan
Cast a.o.:
Monic Hendrickx & William McInnes
info on IMDb
A co-production with:
New Holland Pictures (Australia)
Distributor Benelux:
A-Film Distribution
Distributor Australia / New Zealand:
Palace Films Australia
Sales agent:
Fortissimo Film Sales

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