Saturday, February 2, 2008

Roon Staal

Artist Roon Staal releases 'Help Me Through The Night in 2001, a number one cd-single in The Netherlands. Roon Staal performs in 'Les Misérables' as Gavroche and plays 'Tommy' in the rockopera 'Tommy', also performed in The Netherlands. Currently, Roon performs as Titus in the musical 'Rembrandt' due to 'the year of Rembrandt' being held in The Netherlands this year ( 2006 ). Also Roon Staal has released more songs like 'What Would You Say' and 'Where Are You'. read more Player:

Roon Staal, male,born 1972 in The Netherlands.
Prof. audio-engineer and musician.

Owner of Venonza Records, an audio recording and production studio.

General interests: music production & audioengineering, cosmology (general
& special relativity), string-theory, quantum mechanics and just 'life'

Also influenced by: Intelligent people, warmth & humor, music of Vangelis
and Jean Michel Jarre, sounddesign, science fiction and very much; my
wonderfull girlfriend Margreet.

Review by Pete Songs-in-a-Bottle
(not the uploader)
A very very good singer whose angelic, high voice deserves a listen. my
only reservation is the constant tunnel echo on the angelic voice, and the
rather syrupy nature of each (very well recorded)song. the comparison with
the likes of art garfunkel is well made. i think this voice deserves a
better, real orchestral context.

A compilation

1. A Million Eyes (4:06)
2. Help Me Through The Night (3:30)
3. She's Gone (3:49)
4. The Moon At Night (3:43)
5. Where Are You (5:56)
6. Annie's Song (3:25)

Total Playing Time: 24:31 (min:sec)
Total Size : 33,7 MB (35.329.023 bytes)

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