Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bliss - A hundred thousand Angels (2004)

The debut Bliss album (Blissful Music (UK) BLISS001, 2000) is a twelve track collection of meditative and more accessible tunes with lush vocal work and superb instrumental arrangements. The title track opens the album with slow yet rich keyboard washes underscoring Lucinda's soaring vocal work. "Come Into The Light" is a contemplative and tender acoustic number sung by Lucinda and Andy together.

The acoustic trend continues with "Farewell To Music," an instruemntal performed entirely on harp. And it blends perfectly into the Enyaesque and standout track "Sunrise" where Lucinda's vocals are so layered as to almost be vocalise. Acoustic guitar and standup bass work perfectly as accompaniment. "I'll Be Waiting" returns to acoustic singer songwriter style, Lucinda's solo vocal atop gentle acoustic guitar--listen for the solo in the bridge--throughout.

The arrangements thicken in "This Love" with keyboard washes and Andy's lead vocals taking over with layers of Lucinda's work serving to effectively back. The first of two Yoga-inspired tracks is "Shiv Sakti," an extended meditative piece blending powerful keyboard textures with mood-inspiring percussion to underscore Lucinda's powerful vocal work. The upbeat, multi-layered, chorus is inspirational.

The second part of the album opens with "Naked" a short yet tenderly and sensually sung ballad accompanied by acoustic guitar, lovely strings and keyboard washes. The evocative texture of Lucinda's soaring voice blends perfectly with the arrangements in this album standout. Powerful orchestral new age textures open the meditative "Say Goodbye," where Lucinda's voice significantly contrasts the rich instrumental arrangements. The violin solo blends everso well with vocalise during the bridge.

"Grace" is a piano-based instrumental with only occasional light percussion and keyboard wash added for texture. It is a lovely yet light track with a tremendous melody. Accompanied by harp with orchestral keyboards supporting, Lucinda's evocative vocals tenderly deliver the lyrical message of "One Wish," a tremendous piece and album standout. The album concludes with the powerful and Yoga-inspired tune, "One Shanti." This standout blends rich arrangements--listen for the bass especially--with an accessible tune and layers of lovely vocals. Tremendous.

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