Saturday, March 22, 2008

Music and Lyrics (2007) OST

Hugh can sing for me anytime!

Writer-director Marc Lawrence's romantic comedy gently satirizes the music industry's past and present via Hugh Grant's Alex Fletcher, a has-been Rock of the '80s icon given another shot at the charts by young pop diva Cora Corman (newcomer Haley Bennett). Grant gives some surprisingly credible--if often gently tongue-in-cheek--performances in his musical debut; indeed, he carries better than half the soundtrack with his earnest vocal charms. The production gets key help from Fountain of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, who contributes a delicious, loving send-up of Wham! courtesy of "Meaningless Kiss," the emotive piano confessional "Don't Write Me Off," and two versions of "Way Back into Love," the comeback ballad/duet that drives the story line. A playful demo version of the latter pairs Grant with co-star Drew Barrymore (playing the florist who becomes Fletcher's unlikely songwriting foil), while Grant's ultimate duet with young Bennett evokes contemporary pop conceits with a keen, affectionate flair that also graces the young singer's Britney-esque "Buddha's Delight," "Slam," and the more obviously snarky "Entering Bootytown." Rounding out the collection are a pair of complimentary tracks by Swedish pop acts: The Sounds' bouncy "Tony the Beat" and the club-slinky groove of Teddybears' "Different Sound." Highlighted by Grant's sympathetic vocals and a knowing musical sensibility that never quite lapses into mere parody, it's a pop-lover's delight from start to finish. --Jerry McCulley

♫♪ Listen

1. Pop! Goes My Heart - Hugh Grant
2. Buddha's Delight - Haley Bennett
3. Meaningless Kiss - Hugh Grant
4. Entering Bootytown - Haley Bennett
5. Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant And Drew Barrymore
6. Tony The Beat - The Sounds
7. Dance With Me Tonight - Hugh Grant
8. Slam - Haley Bennett
9. Don't Write Me Off - Hugh Grant
10. Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant And Haley Bennett
11. Different Sound Featuring Malte - Teddybears
12. Love Autopsy - Hugh Grant

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~ Don't Write Me Off ~

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