Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pema Chödrön - Bodhisattva Mind ...

Pema Chödrön - Bodhisattva Mind: Teachings to Cultivate Courage and Awareness in the Midst of Suffering.

She is always terrific.

"I love all of Pema's audio recordings. She is so direct, humorous, and unpretentious, while also being a great teacher. This is no exception. She inspires us to live better lives and helps us see how to do so."
By Barbara R. Barkovich (and I completely agree)

What if you could cultivate the mind of a bodhisattva—one who has dedicated one’s life to the benefit of others? According to Pema Chödrön—best-selling author and American-born Buddhist nun—you can. On Bodhisattva Mind, she examines sheshin, or "guarding alertness," and the other qualities of mind we need to develop on the path to enlightenment. "We all have a consciousness that knows what helps and what causes harm," teaches Ani Pema. "With this same ability, we can ‘tame our minds,’ and extricate ourselves from suffering." A practicum of insights and meditations from this cherished teacher, Bodhisattva Mind shows us how to connect with the spacious, clear, unbiased nature of our minds, and experience the joy of complete freedom. Read more: Amazon

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