Sunday, March 23, 2008

Powder (1995)

Beyond everything that makes him different, is everything that makes him human.

For all its flaws, Powder is still worthwhile for attempting to be unique and well intentioned. The film's qualities were overshadowed after its 1995 release when it was revealed that writer-director Victor Salva had served 15 months in prison for molesting a child actor during production of the 1988 TV movie Clownhouse. Controversy aside, Powder is a welcome step off the beaten path with sufficient strengths to balance its weaknesses. Fantasy and drama combine in the story of a teenager known as Powder for his snow-white skin. Powder is introduced into a tiny Texas community after spending his entire life in his grandparents' basement. He's a wise genius, but an outcast, alienated by those who misunderstand and fear him. When a schoolmaster (Mary Steenburgen) and science teacher (Jeff Goldblum) discover that Powder has a capacity for empathic insight and possesses the power to control electricity, the unusual boy becomes a tragic Christ-like figure--peaceful, prophetic, and perhaps too good to survive in the real world. In telling this heartfelt story, Powder struggles to be all things to all viewers--equal parts E.T. and The Elephant Man--which compromises its overall impact. But even though it's not a great movie, it sincerely tries to accomplish something original and wonderful, and that's more than most movies can claim. --Jeff Shannon



You've never experienced anything quite like POWDER -- the uplifting, must-see hit that audiences and critics loved! Harassed by classmates who won't accept his shocking appearance, a shy young man known as Powder struggles to fit in. But the cruel taunts stop when Powder displays a mysterious power that allows him to do extraordinary things. This phenomenon changes the lives of all those around him ... in ways they never could have imagined. Hollywood stars Jeff Goldblum (JURASSIC PARK) and Mary Steenburgen (PHILADELPHIA) lead a top-notch cast in this unforgettable story of hope and wonder.

Powder is an in depth film that shows just how cruel people can be to people that are different from themselves. It takes place in a small town in Texas where Powder was locked in his grandparents basement for most of his life. They die when hes a teen (he's 16 i think?) and he is picked up by the local sheriff and brought to a school for him to learn. The shock is that he is pure white and bald so immediately he stands out and since hes not really had any interactions with people except in the books he read, he is a total outcast. He befriends a girl that doesn't think hes too different until he gets just a little too close to electricity. What happens next is phenominal. This is definately a movie that will touch your heart in one way or another. All you guys out there, if you want a date movie this is one to check out since it mixes all the elements to be a "chick flick", but no it isn't one. Its just a touching story that will leave you wondering how society treats people that are different and that in a way, we know it'll never change but we at least know it does happen. By J. Corsi

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