Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Discover True North : A Program to Ignite Your Passion and ...

A powerful formula for a life of achievement ... starting now

Created by leading motivational speaker and corporate trainer Anne Bruce, this highly effective plan helps participants discover their own "true north" in order to find a focus for success. Throughout Discover True North are invaluable exercises, worksheets, and insights for personal growth developed from Bruce's work with thousands of workshop members and clients throughout the world--from Sprint and Ben & Jerry's to The American Red Cross and the London Institute of Management.

Unlike other goal-oriented processes that call for long-range three-to-five-year life plans, working through this unique fourweek formula helps unlock potential immediately--today. Readers will learn how to:

* Activate and learn to rely on the inner compass to define life direction
* Create a Life Board of Directors
* Make the critical choices that move life forward
* Pinpoint their emotional and intellectual competencies
* Discover the "Einstein Approach" to brining forth you own genius

Book Info
Guide to discovering your own personal direction, or 'inner guidance system.' Provides exercises and insights to help readers see what they truly want out of life. Softcover. DLC: Self-actualization (Psychology).

WEEK 1: Do Less of What Lessens You. Do More of What Magnifies Your Soul, Your Gifts, and Your Higher Purpose

WEEK 2: No, You Can’t Be Anything You Want, but You Can Be Anything You’re Capable of Becoming

WEEK 3: Connecting with Your Spirit without Disconnecting from Your Brain

WEEK 4: Romancing Your Potential—Becoming an Upgradable Person

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