Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do I have to pay for d/l torrents?

BitTorrent Rip Off Sites, and How to Avoid Them

Written by Ernesto on March 01, 2008

BitTorrent is supposed to be hassle free, that’s why it’s so attractive right? Sadly, it is also used by by scammers to generate money, often through trickery and deception. Recently, a new ring of BitTorrent rip off sites has sprung up, this time related to movie codecs.
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Cashing In on Naive BitTorrent Users

Written by Ernesto on February 29, 2008

BitTorrent sites are overloaded with ads for malware ridden BitTorrent clients and paid tutorials that promise to quadruple your download speed. They try to lure naive users into downloading their products with catchy phrases such as “Breakthrough Information Will Have You Downloading Torrents Up To 475% Faster”. It’s time to take them down.
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uTorrent Takes on the BitTorrent Scammers

Written by enigmax on August 09, 2007

P2P ’scam sites’ masquerade as genuine file-sharing sites but con inexperienced file-sharers into paying ’subscriptions’ for free software, such as BitTorrent clients and bombard them with ads and popups. uTorrent has had enough of one such site making profit from their work and is stepping up to the mark to hold them accountable.
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If you paid for this account, you were scammed! Please check this page for more information on how to get your money back.

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