Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Energetics of Healing (1997)

Human Energy System VHS part 1
Human Energy System VHS part 2

Caroline Myss was educated by nuns and priests until she was 29. In her world as a Medical Intuitive, she explains how the extraordinary became an ordinary way of life.

In this DVD set, there are two main sections to explore the external and internal realities. Caroline guides us through the human energy system and shows how losing energy leads to the breakdown of the body. She discusses survival centers, shows why we thrive in stable communities and explores the idea of spiritual power. Through an analysis of our own energy, we can learn how to stop energy "leaks." This is the loss of energy that can cause us to age faster or can impede the healing of our body.

If your body is slow to heal, you are in constant emotional conflict or you can't seem to make it through the day, you might be giving away your energy. Caroline even goes so far as to say that when we try to control other people, we lose energy through the second charka. This is a place where we deal with our self-esteem and personal power. It is very interesting to see how people become more manipulative when they don't have their own lives under control. I've seen this happen so many times in my life and in my friend's lives.

When someone tries to make you break your promise to someone and you have a very negative feeling, this DVD set will help to explain why you have those feelings and why people lose energy when they don't honor their promises. You can literally feel the loss of energy about to occur even as you think about breaking a promise.

The information about the Heart Chakra was my favorite section and we can all relate to how a broken heart drains away our life force. You will learn about willpower, emotional power, meaningful messages that come in the form of coincidences and why every relationship in your life has a purpose.

Point after point makes complete sense. If you have always wondered about how the Chakras function or what they are, then Caroline Myss is the perfect teacher to show you the diagrams and walk you through the seven Chakras in detail. She gives pertinent examples from her own life to illustrate all the points and to bring a sense of enlightenment to the entire process of learning. She ends her lessons with the 7 Sacred Truths.

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