Thursday, August 7, 2008

City of Joy (1992)

A Classic That Is Not Widely Known

In the best performance of his career Swayze stars as Max Lowe a disillusioned surgeon who travels to India after a young patient dies on the operating table. But Lowe's determination to quit medicine is challenged when he meets a committed British nurse who runs a free clinic in Calcutta's most dangerous neighborhood. And when her clinic - and the livelihood of her neighbors - is threatened by the brutal local "godfather" Max teaches the impoverished Indians the strength of their own unity.

No 9 Oscar nominations; no recording-breaking box figure; just a deep touching movie.

Had I not strolled around Blockbuster some late night looking for movies, I would never know that Patrick Swayze starred in a movie that portrays poverty in India.

Situated in Calcutta, Patrick Swayze lent hand in helping the locals battle scarcity of resources, health problems, and daily life challenges. Scenes are constructed convincingly authentic, since there will be considerable difficulty to portrait third-world living conditions through the perspectives of westerners.

What impresses me the most about "City of Joy" is the humane qualities of people. When you watch the movie, the quality and personality of people will permeate through your heart. These people are really joyful and content with the kind of lives they are leading. Somewhat austere, yet joyful. Sometimes I think increasing the standard and industrializing society might rob these people of thier peace. They might be more happier this way. By Matthew M. Yau "Voracious reader

"Original Music by Ennio Morricone"


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