Thursday, August 21, 2008

Roswell (1994) aka Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up

Is the truth in here?

Though I couldn't care less whether intelligent alien life exists or not (IMHO it probably doesn't, and if it does it would bear many of the same hideous flaws that any "intelligent" life has), this movie is one of thee best UFO flicks I have ever seen. Whether you like good sci-fi stories, UFO mythology, or if UFO-ology is basically your religion (sigh), this is a great movie based on the classic UFO crash myth near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Wonderfully filmed, with a good solid script and fine acting. The characters (even the minor ones) are lifelike and appear to be given a great deal of thought. If you want to see one of the best, earliest foundations for the 20th century take on alien life (complete with a typically awful, thankfully short, scene depicting the supposed vastly superior minds of alien life over our own), then this is it. Of course, as this movie shows, it merely scratches the surface of just how far some people take the whole UFO thing and just how much story potential there is within UFO-ology. If you want to be really disturbed by something however, consider the claim at the beginning of this movie that the story is "...based on events that happened near Roswell, New Mexico"!

Kyle Maclachlan (who stared in the original Dune, also appeared in Twin Peaks) does a real nice job here in the lead. A fine actor with a good talent for playing intelligent, inquisitive, determined characters (qualities we could all look for more here among humanity instead of looking towards outer space for them). The movie works well on different levels. Outside of a few weaknesses, the story of the whole Roswell incident itself is fairly brilliant and it's understandable that this movie would turn out pretty good. Yet, this movie also can be used to work the mind as you sit back and think of all the alternative theories possible to the ones given. Many of the alternatives are given right in front of us within the story, sometimes even painfully obviously so. The movie ends on a touching, somewhat sad note as we see further into the isolation, and perhaps self-deception, portrayed so well by Kyle Maclachlan. Perhaps in the long run it can also be seen as a good warning about obsessive-compulsive behaviors, whether one is right or wrong in their views. I think the real question UFO extremists need to ask however is, is this belief trip really necessary? Roswell (1994) helps in thinking about this. By Ratspit


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