Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forever (2006)

FOREVER is a film about the power and vitality of art, about a place where love and death go hand in hand and beauty lives on: the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Père-Lachaise – one of the world’s most famous and beautiful cemeteries – is the final resting place of a gifted group of artists from various periods in history and virtually all corners of the world. Some, such as Piaf, Proust, Jim Morrison and Chopin, are still worshipped to this day. Others have fallen into oblivion, or are visited only occasionally by a single admirer.

In FOREVER we see the mysterious, calming and consoling beauty of this unique cemetery through the eyes of today’s visitors. Many come for their ‘own’ beloved: husbands, wives, family and friends. Others honour ‘their’ artist by leaving behind a personal message or a flower. While admirers share with us the importance of art and beauty in their lives and their sorrow for the loss of those dearly departed , the graveyard gradually reveals itself not only as a resting place for the dead, but also as a source of peace and inspiration for the living. Death offers little consolation except for the passing of time, the melancholia of a moss-covered tomb, and the beauty and power of a piece of music, a poem or a painting.

Studies piano in Paris. “My father died 7 years ago for overwork. It was suddenly and we were all so panicked, and I was so deep in sorrow, but I know he loved Chopin’s music very, very much. So every time I play Chopin, I feel I am dedicating the piece to my father. I hope he will be pleased about that.”

“Take Leonardo da Vinci. Just go to the Louvre and you’ll find 4 Cubans, 10 Chinese, 15 Dutch and 20 French people all staring at the gaze of a woman who has returned to dust. The painter is no longer with us, but both continue to move us. Isn’t that eternity? Isn’t that the power of art?”

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Genre: Documentaire
Regio: 2
Jaar van uitgave: 2006
Regisseur: Heddy Honigmann
Uitgever: Filmfreak Distributie
Speelduur: 95 minuten
Leeftijd: Alle leeftijden
Verpakking: Keep Case
Acteurs: n.v.t.
Beeldformaat: 1.85:1 anamorf Fullscreen
Geluidssporen: Dolby Digital 2.0 - Frans
Ondertiteling: Nederlands
Extra's: Trailer
EAN: 9789058493675

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