Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heart and Souls (1993)

Truly Heartwarming, Soulful and Inspiring.

This movie revolves around one question "What one thing, if you did it, would've made a difference in your life?"

It is a good question for all of us to consider in the course of our daily lives. In this movie, four people die prematurely in a bus accident - OK, four people plus the bus driver whose mind was preoccupied with sex and instead of watching where he was driving, he swerved off the bridge. All of these four people had some unfinished business, so they remain earthbound. They find themselves attached to a body of a kid and stick around until he's all grown up. Not knowing at first what to do, or the reason for them being earthbound, they are attempting to be of help to the kid, but seeing that they are causing him more problems than help, they stop interfering with his life and mind their own business, still wondering why are they stuck.

Eventually, it is revealed to them that they were still earthbound so that they could resolve one thing that would've made a difference in their lives. Now, the challenge begins, because it is not just a matter of doing the thing, but about overcoming inner obstacle, and having guts to follow one's heart. After all, that is what life is about, that is what every day is about - having the courage to follow one's heart, having the courage to listen to one's soul - and in this movie it is a team-spirit of one individual helping another to do that one thing that would've given meaning to his life, that would have left him enriched and empowered in some way, that would've justified the reason he had the body in the first place. One may here also developed a new appreciation for one's body and one's life on earth because there are some things that just can't be done without it.

The characters and the cast in this movie are utterly delightful and as you watch the movie, it's not only that you may enjoy the movie, but perhaps it helps you to look at your life in a different way and consider what it is that you would like your life to stand for and to just go for it.

The movie is not only heartwarming but also full of humorous tidbits and at the end of the movie there's a part with B.B. King playing that sent thrills and shivers of delight throughout my body. By Laura De Giorgio

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