Friday, September 5, 2008

Mulholland Drive Soundtrack

OST by Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch

Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch haves produced an eerie and atmospheric soundtrack for Mullholland Drive. It's not quite the same effect as sitting in a darkened theatre, watching the opening moments with the black limo driving through the Hollywood Hills, but it's as close as you'll get.

Like the movie, the soundtrack has its darker and lighter moments. The opening music is lush and dark, setting the mood for the entire album.

The mixture of 50s pop, blues, jazz and orchestral colors makes for a varied listening experience, and one you can experience many times over, and feel differently about it each time.

Of course the piece de resistance is Rebecca Del Rio's performance of LLORANDO (Crying, by Roy Orbison) which I didn't recognize at first, because my Spanish is not that strong. What a performance in the film, and its haunting beauty IS captured on the recording. ~ By Eric McCalla ~

01. Jitterbug
02. Mulholland Drive
03. Rita Walks/Sunset Boulevard/Aunt Ruth
04. Diner
05. Mr. Roque/Betty's Theme
06. The Beast
07. Bring It On Home
08. I've Told Every Little Star
09. Dwarfland/Love Theme
10. Silencio
11. Llorando (Crying)
12. Pretty 50s
13. Go Get Some
14. Diane And Camilla
15. Dinner Party Pool Music
16. Mountains Falling
17. Mulholland Drive/Love Theme


If you rather want a mp3 version ... leave a message.

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