Thursday, September 25, 2008

White Palace (1990)

Sarandon and Spader sizzle ...

There couldn't be two people at more opposite ends of the poles than Nora Baker and Max Baron. He's a 27 year old upwardly mobile executive,obsessive and compulsive, he's neat as a pin, and Jewish. She's 43, is in the "food preparation business"(serves up greasy hamburgers) ,lives in the low rent district, in a house that doesn't get cleaned and has never even met anyone Jewish. They meet twice by happenstance and although it seems all they really have in common is that they are both from St.Louis, they discover they are really not all together different.

Max is grieving for his young and beautiful wife, and Nora her child. And although they handle their grief in very different ways, they take solace in each others arms. Their whirlwind affair, brings a renewed spirit to each of them, but when the relationship steps up to a new level, they wonder how they will fit into each other's world.

It's a believable, beautiful, and at times a funny love story.Susan Sarandon lights up the screen with her portrayal of the fiesty Nora. Spader shines in a role that seems to be made for him. Other notables in the cast include Jason Alexander,Eileen Brennan, and Kathy Bates.

The film is rated R and even that is pushing the envelope somewhat. The loves scenes are very steamy(this one is definately not for the kiddies), but you'll also find a beautiful story of fate stepping in and lending a hand. A romantic film that is worth the view in any format. ~By L. Shirley~

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