Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Key to Reserva (2007)

Scorcese films a "lost" Hitchcock script.

A briliant advertisement and a complex homage to Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Hermmann.

Martin Scorsese is interviewed about a 3-minute script by Alfred Hitchcock that he found and is planning to shoot. The action turns to a classical music concert that is taking place in a theater. A young man around 40, a spy or a detective, opens the door to a theater box. He is looking for something that he finally finds inside a light bulb. A young woman from the audience looks up. A violist stops playing when he sees him. Our detective is trying to open the light bulb when the violist arrives. They fight. The musician falls on the audience. The music stops. Our man opens a box containing a bottle of "cava" and two cups. The story returns to Martin Scorsese talking about a missing page. Then, we move to the end. The protagonist and the young lady from the audience are toasting with cava in a romantic position.

References: North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rear Window, Notorious, Rope, Saboteur, The Birds

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