Thursday, October 9, 2008

Loenatik - De moevie (2002)

For everyone with a sense of humour

Loonies is a touching comedy about five psychiatric patients who are forced to exchange their familiar surroundings for an old-fashioned, impersonal institution. Partly because of the severe regime of a dreadful nurse, the five decide to escape from their new home and go back to the old one under their own steam. After a drastic confrontation with the 'normal' outside world that results in fighting and panic, the group breaks up. Each of the five patients realize their dreams individually, but ultimately they decide to choose for each other and the familiarity of their own place. Loonies is a film with lighthearted and cheeky humour that, in a moving way, takes us into the pleasantly disturbed world of five somewhat romanticized psychiatric patients. IMDb

In Loenatik - de Moevie (Loonies), the crazy characters of the children TV-series "Loenatik" (1997) have to leave their safe haven "Zonnedael" and move to another institution. They don't like it there, sneak out, and each of them gets involved in a big adventure.

If you liked the series, well, this is way better. If you didn't like or don't even know the series, well, this movie can be seen completely separate from the series. It has way more depth, more story, more character development, a lot more warmth and way more adventure than the TV series had. It is a movie in its own right.

The audience at the Nederlands Film Festival 2002 in Utrecht (The Netherlands) chose this movie as their favorite. It is very funny and moving, well-paced and well-directed by Bobby Eerhart, who obviously put a lot of effort in making sure everyone in the audience would be emotionally involved with each of the characters. Remember Minoes (2001)? Dutch filmmakers sure know how to make high quality family entertainment, and Loenatik, de Moevie is once again proof of this.

Whether you are 6 or 60 years old, if you feel like having a good time, with a tear and a smile, go see this movie, I highly recommend it. By klapvee

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"Wanneer gaan we weer naar huis?"

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