Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Opus (2008)

From Vision to Plan to Performance

The Opus is the story of a young man who pursues his dream in the face of impossible challenges and succeeds. That young man is Vivaldi - one of the greatest violinists of our time!

Along the way this unique and powerful film introduces lessons from the world's top teachers and achievers including Jack Canfield, Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Vitale, Morris The Miracle Man Goodman, Mark Victor Hansen and Douglas Vermeeren to name but a few. They will teach you how to unlock your own amazing possibilities and how to create your own personal opus and your life as you want it.

This masterpiece reminds you that you are the composer of your own life, and every note, no matter how small, contributes to the final opus of your life.

In your heart, you know you want to do something. Make the decision! Whatever it is now is the time to take action on your greatest desires. Dare something worthy! Fulfil your greatest vision and realise your true potential in life.

What will your opus be?

One dictionary defines an Opus as 'the most grandiose and memorable composition of a composer's life and legacy'. It is this definition that we wish to acknowledge. It is this definition that is the objective of the film The Opus. Every person born on the planet arrives with the potential to create an incredible Opus. But only some people do. Why is that? In this spectacular follow up to The Law of Attraction, you will find amazing insights from top achievers and teachers on how to turn your intentions into accomplishments. Douglas Vermeeren

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