Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spirit Space (2008)

A Journey Into Your Consciousness

Fred Alan Wolf ( who was featured in the recent hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know?, and The Secret) earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He continues to write, lecture throughout the world and con duct research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 11 books including Taking a Quantum Leap which received the National Book Award. Don Miguel Ruiz Born into a family of healers, don Miguel Ruiz has embraced the centuries old legacy of healing and teaching the nagual and carries forward the esoteric Toltec knowledge. Don Miguel shares the wisdom that resulted in the creation of The Four Agreements. His views of a universal peace are shared in the film, Spirit Space. They provide a spiritual but practical sense to the topics discussed and students of his will appreciate the wisdom and comfort that he shares. Edgar Mitchell Among authors trying to bridge the gap between cience and spirit, former astronaut Mitchell brings unique credentials. Originally scheduled for the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, Mitchell, as told in this smooth blend of autobiography and exegesis, journeyed to the Moon in 1971 (and generated great controversy over ESP experiments he conducted on the flight).

Allow yourself to travel even further down the quantum rabbit hole in a quest for answers to age old questions. Discover remarkable possibilities as to what and how our consciousness works with the world around us. Listen to possibilities of what happens to our consciousness before and after death. Challenging Quantum physics theories and how they affect how we perceive the world anciently and today, both spiritually and scientifically.

This film acts as a progressive travel log for human life attempting to answer questions that mankind has been seeking since the dawn of thought. What were we before we came here? Why do we need to be here? And what in the world happens to us after we die? Spirit Space also opens cases from individuals who have been hypnotically regressed to a point between lives,after death, and even before birth. Not only does the film grapple with reincarnation, the spirit world, and the nature of the human soul it also tackles equally sticky questions such as Is there a Heaven and Hell? What is a spirit? Viewers with a penchant for skepticism will balk at the lack of physical evidence to back up the claims in Spirit Space, but the film remains a reassuring voice, affirming that our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our mortal flesh.


Spirit Space Extended Trailer


  1. Thank you, Dimhirwen, for this beautiful film. Wonderful quality and stereo music. I downloaded it and will save it for an evening with a kindred spirit.

  2. do you have the english subtitle of this movie?

    possible to have it?

    thanks a lot!


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