Monday, October 13, 2008

Staya Erusa - Find the Book of Knowledge (2007)

When you really understand consciousness and its consequences... it is like the world turns upside down!

This Notion Picture will take you on a fascinating voyage into our consciousness and our Universe like never before! Welcome to an extended way of thinking and a new look at the challenges and mysteries of the world. Through animation of the invisible and interviews with Uri Geller, remarkable scientists and authors, you will be given the opportunity to expand your insights into consciousness, life and death - especially life beyond death. But be warned, this insight into consciousness may have an enormous impact, not only on your daily life, but also on our society as a whole With this Notion Picture, STAYA ERUSA launches a series of films in which these broader insights will be further explained. Through a broader view, solutions can be created. Together we will change the world! The voyage will take approximately 99 minutes. The spoken language is English. Starring: Uri Geller, Ronald Jan Heijn

English, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew and Japanese.

I ordered the DVD of the Notion Picture, `STAYA ERUSA - FIND THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE'. I watched it three times because it was loaded with such thought-provoking ideas. Uri Geller helped to produce this movie, and his participation in the film is fascinating.

`STAYA ERUSA - FIND THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE', is called a Notion Picture for a reason. If there is no notion, there is no action. A Notion Picture is a segment on its own. As a film/documentary it gives insights into consciousness, the cosmos, life and death.

`STAYA ERUSA - FIND THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE' is for those people who are open to new ideas of thought. It is a film/documentary that opens up new ideas of our planet, and how we can, as individuals, change the destiny of this planet.

I would definitely call it a five-star film/documentary.
By Penny Gordon

Staya Erusa is a fascinating voyage which explores insights into life and death. The film explains and demonstrates a much broader reality by also giving insights in human consciousness. For the first time, viewers are able to see a symbolic image of the consciousness, through animations.

When you really understand consciousness and its consequences...
it is like the world turns upside down!

2006 trailer

2007 trailer

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