Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

It's fun, daring, over-the-top and unforgettable.

The usually menacing British actor Terence Stamp does a complete turnaround as Bernadette, an aging transsexual who tours the backwaters of Australia with her stage partners, Mitzi (Hugo Weaving) and Adam/Felicia (Guy Pearce). Their act, well-known in Sydney, involves wearing lots of makeup and gowns and lip-synching to records, but Bernadette is getting a bit tired of it all and is also haunted by the bizarre death of an old loved one. Nevertheless, when Mitzi and Felicia get an offer to perform in the remote town of Alice Springs at a casino, Bernadette decides to tag along. The threesome ventures into the outback with Priscilla, a lavender-colored school bus that doubles as dressing room and home on the road. Along the way, the act encounters any number of strange characters, as well as incidents of homophobia, while Bernadette becomes increasingly concerned about the path her life has taken. by Don Kaye (

Always loved this movie 5
I went to see this movie many times when it was at the theater, and I couldn't wait for it to release on DVD. I lost that copy in a move and went out and bought it again. It's hard to believe this movie was made on a shoe-string budget, and that they could get such an accomplished actor as Terence Stamp. Hugo Weaving, also a favorite of mine from the Matrix and Rings movies is hilarious. Guy Pierce is so believable in his role. The three combine for a hilarious and sometimes emotional rollercoaster ride through the australian outback. I recommend this for anyone's collection.

Camp & Crazy Cross-Dressing Road Trip to Laughter 5
This is not a kids' movie by any means, but that being said, this movie deserves its cult following as one of the most outrageous comedies ever to be produced and shot in the Land Down Under.

I don't know what it is about Australia that produces such great movies and actors, but the world of entertainment would be lacking without them.

If you are up for a devilishly fun romp, grab a bottle of wine and settle in for a truly funny and outrageous movie experience. Now, you may be thinking that you wouldn't like a movie about the adventures and mis-adventures of three drag queens traveling the outback in a giant pink tour bus. That is what I thought and can report I was dead wrong, this movie is simply tons of over-the-top fun ;-)

The "Road Trip Movie" may never be the same again !

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