Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freaky Friday vs. Freaky Friday

In 1976 ... Annabel and her Mother are not quite themselves today- in fact, they're each other!

Now experience all the laughs of the original comedy classic that inspired Disney's hilarious hit remake. Trading places was never so funny, and it could only happen on Friday the 13th! That's when the tomboyish and free-spirited Annabel (Jodie Foster) switches bodies with her straitlaced mother, Ellen (Barbara Harris), and suddenly finds herself responsible for running the entire household. In turn, Ellen, now in her daughter's body, faces the daunting challenges of school, including a typing test, field hockey competition, and much more!

I saw the Newer Version, FREAKY FRIDAY 2003, before I saw this Original. And it wasn't until a LONG while later as I didn't think that I would of cared for it. But, I really enjoyed this original version with Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. Both ladies did a sterling job in playing their normal aged selves, then in switching over to their opposite ages. Barbara was so full of youthful energy, and Jodie was more mature in her attitude. Plus, I grew up in the 70's and it retains that 70's atmosphere. I still love FREAKY FRIDAY 2003 the best though, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, as they totally rocked the theater with their excellent acting skills and they also were EXTREMELY FUNNY! I think that if you see one or the other, then you HAVE to get the other as a companion DVD. For, though they are similar stories, each one has it's very own flavour. Plus, Boris is in both films. Nice touch.

The beloved Disney teen movie from 1976 gets a power-pop makeover. As in the original, mother and daughter magically switch bodies, and the best parts are when they put each other's lives through the paces. The saucer-eyed Lindsay Lohan, as the daughter, morphs from a slouching rocker into a
perfect-posture girl, a Junior League aspirant set loose in high school. Jamie Lee Curtis has the more difficult assignment, contorting her adult body into the ungainly angles of adolescence. She pulls off the transformation with precision, and both she and Lohan grace their scenes with moments of dead-on physical parody. Together, they provide a delightful double take on the old mother-to-daughter mantra: Act your age. -Michael Agger
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An Awesome Remake!!!5
To me, Disney's 2003 version of Freaky Friday is a lot better than the original. I don't hate the original, I just think this one is a lot funnier and more up-to-date! Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were hilarious trying to be the opposite of each other. After having a big fight with each other on Thursday, Anna (Lohan) and Tess (Curtis) switch bodies on Friday morning, and throughout the entire day, you see hilarious moments as Tess acts like a rebelious teenager and Anna acts more mature. Tess is supposed to be married on Saturday, and if they don't switch back, they'll have to post-pone it. It's also awesome to see Jamie Lee jammin' down at the concert later toward the end of the movie! If you love comedy, you'll love FREAKY FRIDAY!!!

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