Monday, November 17, 2008

Ghost Mom (1993) aka Bury Me in Niagara


Good for GWD fans

Bury Me in Niagra AKA in the USA as Ghost Mom has two notable actors-- Jean Stapleton and Geraint Wyn Davies ( Nick Knight of "Forever Knight"). GWD's characer is a doctor who has an intrusive mother ( Stapleton). When she dies she holds a "lucky pebble", ( a disguised mystical ruby) and her ghost insists that her body be buried in Niagra. Road trip via ice cream truck, pursued by Chinese gangsters who want the ruby, the son finally meets his father. GWD hams it up in various scenes and while the movie lacks some credibility at times, it is a comedy in the same vein as the Hope and Cosby road trip movies. Being a GWD fan I liked to see him in a comedic role as Nick Knight was mainly too angsty. By foreverknitefan "moemcal"

Not just for GWD fans!

OK -- I admit that I originally only bought this video because I wanted to see Geriant Wyn Davies in something other than Forever Knight.

After watching the video, however, I can definitely recommend this to just about anyone. The movie is light-hearted fun. Jean Stapleton is perfect as the mother who doesn't know when to let go.

The alternate title of "Ghost Mom" would make more sense than the "Bury Me in Niagara" title does. Regardless of what it is called, watch the movie and enjoy yourself for 1½ hours. By Bookseller "pbtad"

You're lucky if you own it!

I am one of the lucky ones who owns this movie! So I watch it over and over again and have the same great fun. By all means, watch it! By F. Nicolaescu "FN"

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