Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Passenger 57 (1992)

For the terrorists on flight 163 . . . he's very bad news

"Passenger 57" has to be my very favorite Wesley Snipes movie and one of my very favorite action movies ever! I have been a huge fan of this movie ever since I first saw the trailer for it when I went to see Under Siege (another awesome movie.) At the height of this movie's popularity producers capitalized on Wesley's image as a strong leading man with the catchphrase: always bet on black. And that totally describes his role and this movie.

Wesley plays John Cutter, a security expert who quit his job as a cop after his girlfriend was shot. And, Bruce Payne portrays Charles Rane the master-terrorist. Although, I thought Charles Rane was more funny than scary. Whose big idea was it to make the British dude with long blonde hair the villain who tries to go up against Wesley Snipes?

The film also includes some very impressive supporting roles. I especially enjoyed Alex Datcher (doesn't she look just like Halle Berry?) as Marti the tough-talking stewardess. And Elizabeth Hurley was in a somewhat smaller role as Sabrina Ritchie. I loved the part in the beginning when Sabrina says to Marti that she doesn't like her name because "it makes me sound cold and heartless."

IMHO the early to mid-90's were the Golden Age of Suspense/Mystery-Action/Thrillers. There were so many great movies in this genre, during this time. Besides "Passenger 57," I highly recommend these pictures: Single White Female, The Good Son, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Unlawful Entry, The Crush, The Client, Under Siege, Poison Ivy and The Fugitive.

"Passenger 57" is just the perfect showcase for Wesley Snipes because he does it all. He does a little fighting, he jumps off a plane, he does a little shooting and the man's even mistaken for Arsenio!! By J. Abercrombi

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