Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)

Attitude is everything.

This clunky road movie about three drag queens (Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguziamo) who get stranded in a sleepy Nebraska town on their way to a beauty contest, is too uplifting for its own good. Released during drag's mid-'90s heyday when RuPaul and the Wigstock documentary were all the rage, To Wong Foo aimed straight for the mainstream with its inoffensive camp and "can't we all get along" moralism. While gay-activist groups howled about straights getting the lead roles in To Wong Foo, in the end the filmmakers really couldn't have done better than this trio of actors. John Leguziamo provides real sass and bite as a Latino (or should we saw Latina?) drag queen, and Wesley Snipes is surprisingly fierce as the imposing leader of the pack. Saddled with a cloying Southern accent and off-kilter wig, Patrick Swayze barely holds his own with his costars, though. To Wong Foo is best viewed as a cultural artifact of a time when it seemed as though drag could rule all tomorrow's parties. --Ethan Brown

To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar5
I have treasured this movie for years. I own the vhs version, but rarely want to take the time and trouble ( all that rewinding) to get it out. With the new and used option at Amazon it is very simple to find your favorites at great prices with just a few clicks of a button. Who can imagine those three hansome guys posing as women? Hard to believe but they do it well. Even with those bulging muscles they all are great at portraying elegant "Drag Queens". This movie is wonderful, funny, and setimental. I never tire of watching it. At the time this movie came out there seemed to be an era of "Drag Queen" movies. This one, by far, is the best. The others are entertaining as well however; I believe this one tops them all. While watching you can Laugh, cry, and relate to the personal growth of each of the characters as they try to help "the little boy in drag" reach "her" true potential. These amazing "career girls" also give the entire tired and dowdy town a great makeover. I would highley recommend this movie to anyone for a great evening's entertainment.

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything5
The movie came on time and was very happy with the prduct. I have tried to look for this item in the stores and had no luck. So thank you for having this movie on stock

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