Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Legal Eagles (1986)

Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah.

Robert Redford, usually a pretty good judge of material, got snookered badly in this Ivan Reitman comedy that also starred Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah. Redford is a rising assistant D.A. who is prosecuting a woman (Hannah) for theft of a painting by her father. Before he knows what hit him, he's involved romantically both with the defendant and with her scattered lawyer (Winger). Redford is as good as he can be, given the circumstances, but this is a movie that doesn't know where it's going. Originally intended as a serious film about the legal wrangling over the estate of the late Mark Rothko, this film quickly degenerated when the script was turned over to Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr., whose sparkling oeuvre includes Turner and Hooch. --Marshall Fine

Romantic Charmer With Hi-Jinx!!! 4

I have always liked this film and I was so glad when it was finally released on DVD--especially the newer version w/a few extras (blue background on the cover). Redford & Winger are a charming, combative romantic duo with real spark & heart. Some of the antics are a bit overplayed--especially in relation to Darryl Hannah's femme fatale character, Chelsea. But, it's a winning film nonetheless, thanks to Redford & Winger and the smash soundtrack "Love Touch".

Favorite Flick 5
This is one of my all time fave flicks and the character of Thom Logan is indeed my all time favortie male character. I just wish they would release this movie in the extended letterbox format. The movie has a lot of nice twists and turns and with the additional footage it really has a good curve at the ending.

80's Flashback 4
I remember watching this movie on cable and on T.V., I was too broke to go to the movies back then and I was only thirteen at the time so on a personal level it takes me back to a nice time,plus that ROD STEWART SONG " LOVE TOUCH " plays on my head especially the previews when DEBRA WINGER and ROBERT REDFORD plunge into a lake on a forklift or something like it..ITs like "WHO's JOHNNY" and "SHORT CIRCUIT " . You hear one and think of the other.

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