Monday, January 12, 2009

Naked in New York (1993)

Funny, honest, appealing

Naked in New York is a likable, intimate look at the young couple Jake and Joanne (Eric Stoltz and Mary-Louise Parker), who meet in college and slowly see their lives pull apart. A romantic comedy with a New York attitude, it's a more realistic version of Reality Bites. A struggling playwright with a rich imagination, Jake has a laziness factor that's holding him back, and, in part, that's the underlying feeling of the movie: Things just happen. But it's a great showcase for the underappreciated Parker (Fried Green Tomatoes) and for Tony Curtis as an off-Broadway producer. In addition to the hugely likable cast are many catchy cameo appearances. --Doug Thomas

The sponsorship of noted filmmaker Martin Scorsese helped the novice filmmakers making this film get it produced and receive mainstream distribution. In addition, it features a vast number of appearances by well-known performers, who took an interest in the project, taking union minimum pay. In the story, Jake (Eric Stoltz) has grown up in a wonderfully neurotic household. It is just as well that he has developed a fondness for drama, as this material is excellent fodder for his playwriting. He has spent a lot of time collaborating with his friend Chris (Ralph Macchio) writing plays, and eventually is given his chance to prove his stuff in New York City. There, he discovers that Chris wants to be more than just a friend, and an important stage actress (Kathleen Turner) also has the hots for him. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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