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Peter, Paul and Mary Chronology - the 7 first studio albums

PP&M Chronology

The trio Peter, Paul and Mary (often PP&M) is an American musical group that was one of the most successful folk-singing groups of the 1960s. The trio comprises Peter Yarrow, Noel "Paul" Stookey, and Mary Travers. The group was created by manager Albert Grossman, who sought to create a folk "supergroup" by bringing together "a tall blonde (Travers), a funny guy (Stookey), and a good looking guy (Yarrow)." He launched the group in 1961, booking them into the Bitter End, a coffee house in New York City's Greenwich Village that was a favorite place to hear folk artists.

Kuthumi wrote:
I made this compilation for my mp3 player from my CDs, so I may as well share it with the rest of you. I am so old that I remember rushing to the record store to get each new PPM album when they were first published on vinyl, and I want to hear each track in its proper context, not randomly selected on a "best of" edition.

If I remember correctly, these recordings were made with the very latest state-of-the-art analogue master tape recorder at Warner Bros, with surprisingly good stereo quality and dynamics for the pre-digital area. As a comparison, Simon and Garfunkel's original recording of "Bridge over Troubled Water" (CBS 1970) has audible tape hiss and lacks dynamics in the more silent parts, especially in the beginning.

Typical for Peter, Paul and Mary was that Peter (tenor) sang in the left channel, Paul (basso) in the right and Mary in the middle. Mary's rich, deep alto often crossed and went under Peter's high falsetto. Both guys were perfectionists on the guitar; you can sometimes hear them competing. In addition they had only a base player on the first records and later added more instruments as their work developed. Their musical arrangement is among the finest ever made of the songs that they chose from artists like Bob Dylan and Donovan.

More details with full track list, composers etc. here

Additional info with full texts and guitar chords here

Albums included, 12 tracks on each:

1) 1962: Peter, Paul & Mary
2) 1963: Moving
3) 1963: In the Wind
4) 1965: A Song Will Rise
5) 1965: See What Tomorrow Brings
6) 1966: Album
7) 1967: Album 1700

See the full track list: here

This chronology is made for their first 7 proper studio records only, each with 12 tracks. Missing here is "In Concert" (1964), a double album with mostly previous songs. I bought this on double vinyl with such a good quality that I never got around to buying the CD edition. Missing are also "In Japan" and "Late Again", mostly with new recordings of previous songs, and "Peter, Paul and Mummy" mainly with children's songs.

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