Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swedish artist Anders Weberg continues his "aesthetics of ephemerality" project."

P2P Art - 5th Film Uploaded to BitTorrent

Swedish artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg, a self-described “human, mixed media artist and filmmaker,” has just completed a fifth piece in his “P2P Art - the aesthetics of ephemerally” series which is basically art that is “made for - and only available on the P2P networks.” When I interviewed Weberg after his first P2P piece he told me just what he meant by it.

“For the last 10 years I have been fascinated about the net culture and how it has developed and how the boundaries between offline/online is being erased,” he said “That and being a fan of street art, graffiti and performance art I just transformed it into the streets of today, The Net. Also how most of the users treat their downloads ephemeral. That’s how I got the idea of making a film that is supposed to be used that way. Download it, share it if you like or just delete it. If you like it, keep it. The aesthetics of ephemerality.”

He uploads the original artwork to BitTorrent tracker sites, in this case Mininova, and seeds it until at least one other user has downloaded it. He then deletes it and everything used to create it from his PC so that the artwork will only be available for as long as others seed it.

The fifth piece is entitled “Anonymus” and you can check it out HERE.

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