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Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (2003)

A great kids show!

The show chronicles the boyhood adventures of Piggley Winks, an anthropomorphic pig from Ireland and how he relates these stories to his grandchildren as a grandfather in the present day.

The word "Jakers!" is based on an Irish expression and means "wow!" or "amazing!" - Piggley and his father use it to express their delight when they discover something on their adventures.

Jakers! takes place in two different settings, in two different time periods.

In the present time (the frame story), Piggley Winks lives in the United States of America (or England, according to different versions) and tells stories of his childhood in rural Ireland to his three grandchildren. In flashback, he is seen as a child, playing with his friends and going to school in rural Ireland in the mid-1950s. Most of the main characters are anthropomorphic animals - including Piggley and his family, who are all pigs. However, there are normal, non-anthropomorphic animals in the show as well. Read more ...

I'm 17 and I LOVE "Jakers!" 5
I first discovered "Jakers!" on PBS a year or two ago while I was watching TV with my sister (now 18). We both LOVED it! It's SO cute! They have darling accents and adorable quirks! My newest sister (2 years old) also loves "Jakers!" It is a very positive show that encourages imagination and play, yet also responsibility and friendship. I recommend this for ANY parent that wants their child to learn more about the world and culture.

Cute, cute , cute 5
We are big fans of Jakers. The kids really enjoy watching this. Jakers is all about storytelling. The Grandpa is telling tales of his youth to his grandsons. Since this is set in Ireland, the animals have a bit of a brogue and use Irish sayings. After the cartoon, real Grandparents tell stories of their youth. This encourages families to share the past.

Grandma loves Jakers too! 5
My grandson and I are thrilled with the DVD Sheep on the Loose. At two yeals old, he loves to watch with a snack or lunch. The DVD has all the quality of the Pbs show,but allows for a more flexible schedule if we are busy outside or away. At night when his parents come home after a busy day, they can watch one of the selections with him and we end up enjoying and laughing all over again. Sometimes Papa comes home early to watch Jakers! As a retired schoolteacher, I believe the program and DVD are excellent in quality and content.

A delight for children and their parents 5
This DVD is as good as the other Jakers. The animation is good and the storys are beautiful, with a special reward to the story of Fernie and the death of his pet fish Tohr, what a tactful way to intorduce children to death and grief.

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