Friday, October 8, 2010

Gulliver's Travels (1939)

In 1939 when this movie was released, it faced stiff competition at the Academy Awards from 'Gone with the Wind' and 'The Wizard of Oz.' Nominated for an Academy Award in 1939, it didn't win. But those who love this film will always believe that is should have.
By 1939, the Fleischer Studios had been crafting the finest animation around -- they actually produced the first full length animated movie (though Disney gets the credit). This is the very best that the Fleischer Studios ever produced. Its characters are every bit as rich and deep as the very best Disney, Bluth or Spielberg-Katzenberg efforts. (Anyone who hears the classic line: "There's a giant on the beach!" -- will never forget it!)

For years, I have wanted to get my hands on this and remaster this movie digitally. (I do effects and compositing for a living.) It's wonderful to see that someone who loves this movie has given it the care and respect it deserves. Max Fleischer was a sheer genius, whose work includes the original Betty Boop, Popeye, the animated Superman -- and his own contributions to film include techniques of effects production that are still used today. He was a master of his craft who, sadly, has little recognition outside artists and animators. I have bought many copies of this over the years -- usually in versions so poorly recorded and transfered that they are pitiful indicators of the Fleischer talent -- and yet, everyone I've given it to, loves the movie. My personal gratitude to Winfield Hoskins, Seymour Kneitel and Thomas Reich for your tender care in restoring such a wonderful movie. Thank you. It is truly long overdue and it is a case of giving honor to whom honor is due. This belongs right alongside the best Disney, tucked right on the shelf alongside Bluth's best -- and when the young and the young at heart ask "What is this?" -- play it. My grand daugther plays it regularly and never tires of it and always quites "There's a giant on the beach" -- and she laughs. This movie is simply pure magic -- breathtaking! Many of you will watch it and will suddenly remember seeing this long ago and your eyes will light up, just as many who I have bought it for, have said to me: "I saw this years ago and have never known what it was. I love this!" And they always smile. And I always buy more copies. The soul of a true artist lives in this movie. And this is the best edition of it that you will find. By R. Lindeboom

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