Monday, January 9, 2012

The Glass Bottom Boat (1966)

The Glass Bottom Boat is an 1966 American romantic comedy movie directed by Frank Tashlin; it is also considered by some people to be musical entertainment. This movie features Doris Day and Rod Taylor as the main entertainers, with assistance from actors Arthur Godfrey and Paul Lynde. It is also known as The Spy in Lace Panties.

Doris Day, Rod Taylor, Arthur Godfrey, Dom DeLuise

Axel Nordstrom manages a glass-bottom boat tourist operation in the waters of Santa Catalina Island, California. His widowed daughter, Jennifer Nelson, occasionally helps by donning a mermaid's costume and swimming underneath his boat for the passengers' amusement.

One day, Jennifer accidentally meets Bruce Templeton when his fishing hook snags her costume. He reels in the bottom half of her mermaid costume, leaving the irate Jennifer floating in the water without pants. Jennifer later discovers that Bruce is the main manager of her part-time place of employment, an aerospace research laboratory.

Mr. Templeton later sees Jennifer again at work and recognizes her, and with a hidden purpose, he hires her for a new full-time assignment: to be his "biographer" and to write his life story. His hidden purpose is to make an attempt to win Jennifer's affections. There is a problem. The laboratory's security chief, Homer Cripps, concludes that Jennifer is a Soviet spy, and to prove his suspicions, he has Jennifer surveilled. When she learns of the notion, Jennifer disproves the bumbling Cripps.


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